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There are Newport Beach putters which give you an Anser look and a sound slot to boot. The only one you're likely to find easily though is a Studio Stainless model which will perhaps give a crisper feel than you're perhaps used to with a beryllium putter.

TaylorMade Golf The resulting sound is then dampened usinga very stiff fin badge connecting theback of theflexible face to the stiff back bar of theiron for optimal sound damping. "The improved M2 irons as well as the all-new M1 irons represent a breakthrough in combining incredible distance with industry-leading forgiveness. Testimonials | Slighter Golf Co Tom refinished and added a sound slot/deep face milling to my Squareback 2. He did a fantastic job! It is like new and awesome. Before you place your request with him know this: He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet/deal with. I hung out with Tom and daughter Mo for a couple hours recently. Great people! Thanks again Tom! 20000最常用美语单词_百度文库

Ringo Long Neck – Milled To Order. From: $390.00. We define a 'hidden sound slot' as a slot cut across the sole, directly in middle of the top line. A hidden slot greatly increases sound feedback on the putter. A visible sound slot is a slot cut across the sole and through the putter flange, such that it is visible at address from the top ...

2012-9-6 · Master Sasaya over at Gold's Factory sent over one of his new prototypes, a SUS303 model with what he dubs the "Gold's Box" an inner sound slot. A sound slot or as some refer to it, a floating face, is a slit line cut in the flange to sole right behind the face of the putter that alters the sound depending on where the ball strikes the face New George Spirits Mono M1 Putters! - TourSpecGolf Golf … 2013-4-14 · New George Spirits Mono M1 Putters! April 14, 2013. Besides material, the way the face is milled on a putter can very much affect the feel of the ball at impact. Feel is subjective and everyone is different when it comes to personal tastes. ... The second thing it does is create a sound channel or sound slot to a certain degree.

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50 grams of weight is strategically placed in the shaft just below your lower hand along with the use of the 100 gram Edel round grip to increase counterweight; improving the way the putter reacts in your hands. Sound Slot. Deep cut sound slot provides tonal feedback and enhances roll and performance when the golf ball is struck off center. Lie ... Manganese Bronze... | Ping calls it a "sound slot", Cameron calls it "Beaching". Either way, it does change the sound of the ball coming off the face ever so slightly. The Anser is the most copied design in the world of putters. Slighter Golf :: Putter Creation Process A "floating face" or "sound slot" is being added to this putter. This process is also done by hand on a vertical mill. The floating face must be precisely measured prior to cutting. Measuring blocks and a height gage are the tools of the trade for this job. Edel The Brick Putter Review - Golfalot The face is kept balanced by the dramatic circles in the rear of the putter that put more of the weight towards the front of the putter and give it a cool look. Just behind the face is the 'deep-cut sound slot' that gives the Brick its distinctive ping sound, when you hit it right, as otherwise the sound does vary.

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PING releases TR 1966 putters Manage/Add favorites. Change password.The new TR 1966 putters feature PING's True-Roll (TR) face technology. By varying the depth of the grooves across the face — withLike the original Anser, the 340-gram TR 1966 Anser includes a sound slot in the sole — the slot is placed in the wall of the... Adding Sound to Flash Movie Timeline and Choosing Flash…