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Gamblers position the 1-3-2-6 strategy as a progression, but not as a betting system for roulette. But, despite the fact that this strategy is just mathematically very weak and uncertain, in practice, 1-3-2-6 strategy gives such results that many recognized strategies can envy.

In another episode of our testing serial, we have focused on another very used system – Labouchere. It may undoubtedly... Playing the Labouchere Roulette System The Martingale System and Its Variations Playing the Martingale System The D’Alembert System The Labouchere System Playing the Labouchere SystemRoulette Inside Bet System Gibt es ein perfektes Roulette System, eine Übersicht Perfektes Roulettesystem - die wichtigsten Roulettesysteme wie Martingale, Laboucher System, d´Alember Sytem, fibonaci system

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1-3-2-6 betting system for roulette is based on Paroli system. According to the theory you can expect decent profit if you can win 4 rounds in a row.In this example we play classic blackjack with smallest bet of $1. Our bet in the first round is $1. Let’s say it was successful and we doubled our bet. Does The Fibonacci Roulette System Work?

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Dozens And Columns Roulette Systems The most common betting systems that players use for roulette are geared towards Red and Black, but after that it is probably the Dozens and Columns. To cover them quickly, there are three different Dozen bets on the roulette table marked as: 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. There’s also 3 Column bets marked on the table as 2 to 1. The 2/3 Betting System for Roulette — Best Roulette Strategies At roulette, there are 37 sections with corresponding numbers: 36 single numbers and one zero. In this betting strategy, 1 round is 37 spins of the roulette wheel. Statistics say that in one round, no more than 2/3 of all numbers win (24 numbers from 37 on the roulette wheel). Some numbers win more than 1 time. How to win with 2 Columns and 2 Dozens Roulette-Bet

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I Believe I Have a Roulette System That Works - Betting ... On a normal roulette table there are several ways to bet, some of the odds are seemingly good (17-1 53-1) but I prefer the 2-1 bets, these are streets and the 12s. On a street (I believe im using this term right, I mean the pay lines at the back of the table as in the line 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34) on each line you have a little less ... 1-3-2-6 system – play safe online roulette. - Roulette Systems 1-3-2-6 system – playing roulette responsibly. Not every roulette betting strategy is aimed at obtaining as much profit as possible. Maybe you're a more conservative player and are not prepared to make big losses? The 1-3-2-6 system protects you against large losses and increases your chances of (smaller) profits. Roulette Strategy : Three Two Roulette System